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About us

F&B consultancy group made up of real working professionals with more than 30 years experience, business turn around projects, startups, concept and design, import to food costing to final client destination, management, and operations. 


Pizzeria and hot kitchen, authentic Italian traditional pizzeria providing simple but tasty Italian dishes, a real feel for home-cooked comfort food with great fresh pasta, wine & beer bottle shop at reasonable prices.

Our first Business turnaround project for the Hong Kong market.

La Brata

A traditional northern Italian Trattoria/Osteria, directly imported products from Parma carefully selected by our Partner Chef Filippo Bencini is the key to the success of this trattoria, big hearty portions starting from our 1 meter long cold cut platters to our big portions of homemade pasta & our traditional "Ossobuco" has already made this location a favorite in the Hong Kong culinary scene. This is our second turnaround project for the Hong Kong market.

P&P - Pinco Pallino

A Bottega with a simple eat and drink  Meditteranean philosophy, continental breakfast, hearty lunches and Aperitivo dining at night all accompanied by good wines and traditional cocktails. This Bottega is also traditional in that you can buy your cold cuts and cheeses to go. This is our 3rd turnaround project for the Hong Kong market.

Capo Centrale
Capo Centrale is the heart of the M&M group.

Serves as the central kitchen for our restaurants,

Capo, Brata, P&P, Giàbar and Capo Panificio thus maintaining the same philosophy based on the use of selected and fresh ingredients imported directly from Italy.
Capo Centrale turns for dinner in an exclusive place where it will be possible to try a unique food and wine experience thanks to a fixed menu proposed by our resident chefs and Guest chef who will alternate in the kitchen!

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Our new speakeasy addition to our group.
A retreat from busy city life with a simple eat and drink  Mediterranean philosophy, hearty lunches and cool night time dining, becoming a Gastrowine bistrot serving mixed Mediterranean food offering tasty authentic dishes and great drinking experiences. 
Capo Panificio

We wanted a place to make our own Italian bread and focaccia making sure that we supply all our outlets with the most orthentic and best product we ourselves can make, so we bought a BAKERY, and of course being true to our origins we created a Capo pizza hub in the heart of mid levels to bring Capo pizza directly to your homes.

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Lo Spaccio

Our ace in the hole, Import & Export company, unlike most restaurants we have our own import company dedicated to buying the best products possible from Italy at great prices, this allows us to have competitive pricing and also exclusive brands selected by our own international buyers and F&B experts.


We also partner up with various outlet partners to maximize our buying power while minimizing costs across the board for all partners involved. This is called collaboration for a win-win scenario.

If you have outlets message us for more information.

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